I'm a positive person with love for design and communication through online, aswell as offline, medias. I'm very curious in the area and therefore I keep myself updated and find inspiration from my sorroundings. I tend to think untraditionally and I like to challenge any set assignment.
My interests is combined with an understanding of photography, which I have previously studied, and later on worked with at VILA, Bestseller, in the E-commerce department.

Through previous jobs, I have gained great experience and understanding of working in a team and working with online media, digital communication and design. I have used this experience during my education when e.g. communication through UX design, concepts and webpages are being developed. I have high expectations to myself when working on a project, and I try to create exciting, and sometimes nontraditional, solutions, while paying attention to details.
The basics

30 years old.
Living in Aarhus since 2009, but originally from Vejle.
Educated Multimediadesigner since January 2016.
The summer 2017, I completed my bachelor degree in Digital Concept Development.
Like to attend a festival or two during the summer, and to 'take a break' by going for a run.